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Pre-prosthetic surgery

This area includes part of the conditioning, so the processing of a bony or soft tissue bearing in the way that a later dentures is functional and aesthetically integrate effective or even possible.
Sometimes it is with removable dentures to improve retention through surgery on the soft tissues necessary in patients, for example, has passed in the described decrease of earlier tooth-bearing jaw portion of the oral vestibule in the upper and lower jaw and floor of the mouth in the area of ​​the mandible. Here, the shape of the mouth vestibule significantly improve the integration of a prosthesis (vestibuloplasty).

Similar measures may be also in already existing implant treatment appears when an inflammation permanently endangered the preservation of the implant. There is always a good time performing the action for long-lasting success with decisive. The Präprothetik also includes the surgical removal of unwanted structures in the functional edge (tapes) or storage area (fibroids) of the prosthesis, which are responsible for a continuous loosening.

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