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Implants in Orthodontics

In orthodontics, implants can be used  before completion of growth as immobile anchoring elements that do not lose their osseointegration under axial or extra-axial orthodontic loading, temporary or permanent use find.  Due to the loading of the implant there is  radiographically in the periimplant area a density increase detectable. Implants in the alveolar process can still be used after completion of prosthetic orthodontic treatment as permanent implants if they are in a suitable position.

Temporary orthodontic implants that are placed in the median suture of the palate in an insertion angle of about 45 °, can be used to record reciprocal orthodontic forces. Here, after the bone implant site is prepared in the bony palate and the implant placed.

Construction parts for easy fixation of orthodontic elements can be used to retrusion of the anterior teeth, anterior tooth inclination or amending the mesial movement of molars with the aim to avoid extraoral orthodontic auxiliaries, such as the headgear. These temporary implants are removed after the completion of orthodontic treatment by means of trephining.

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