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Removal of cysts

Cysts are common diseases of the jaw bone and the soft tissues of the head and neck area. Jaw cysts are diagnosed and treated for up to 3% of adults in the course of life. The most common form in the jaw cyst is the radicular cyst, followed by the follicular cyst, while the other cyst types are rarely observed. A cyst (gr Kystis = bladder) is defined as a pathological, epithelial-lined cavity. Cysts may be localized in the bone or in the soft tissues may be filled on or mehrkammrig and with liquid or pulpy content. The cyst wall is composed of a fibrous capsule, called the cyst, which is lined by a basement membrane towards the lumen and single or multi-layered epithelium. In addition to the "true cysts" also occur cavities whose wall is composed solely of connective tissue and are therefore called "pseudocysts." The majority of cysts occurring in the jaw develop from the tissues of the tooth system and are thus odontogenic origin. This "odontogenic cysts" can be distinguished from the nichtodontogenen the jaw cysts and pseudocysts.

Cysts are benign pathological structures of different origin and different biological behavior, characterized by a slow expansive growth. This gives rise to the need for operative treatment of each cyst.

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