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Inflammation of the mouth, jaw and facial area

(septic surgery)

The oral cavity of man is loaded with a variety of germs and pathogens. These germs can reach the pulp (the pulp / tooth nerve) and cause inflammation of the tooth root, for example due to poor oral hygiene over an advanced caries. Such "pulpitis" spreads from untreated to the bone surrounding the root. Similarly, an inflammation of the lining around the teeth can (gingivitis) act on the periodontium (periodontal) and thus to the jawbone.

Runs such a disease very quickly and acute, are destroyed by the immune response of the body cells and tissues. By the local physiological change will initially cause a leakage of fluid into the tissue (infiltrate), which is commonly perceived as "thickness cheek". In the course arises from the ruins of the so-called perished tissue abscess, commonly known as pus, which can be either empty or spontaneously brings the patient due to the pain occurring to the doctor. Smaller, localized abscesses can be treated outpatient basis. It is the opening of the abscess cavity through a cut, so that the pus can drain and the treatment of abscess cause such as the opening or removal of the affected tooth. To ensure the effluent drainage (a gauze strip, a rubber strap or a small plastic tube) is inserted into the open wound. The wound should be checked and purged daily in the port until the inflammation has subsided.

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